It’s nice to feel valued

Everyone likes to feel valued. Of course the most important thing is to value ourselves rather than rely on getting our sense of value and self worth from others. Sometimes though it is nice to know that someone else recognises our value or the value of what we do.

One aspect of my life that I don’t blog about often is that as well as being an author and healer I am also an artist. Ok I’m not a professional artist, I’m not well know, nor am I ‘collectable’ but I do paint with an art group, exhibit my work and sometimes even sell.

I have been painting with the art group I currently paint with, for about three years now. This equates as six exhibitions plus six art weeks which means paintings in shop windows in two nearby towns. During those three years I have watched others sell painting after painting during the time the paintings have been on display but not me. Although I have sold at other times I have never sold at an exhibition……until today that is.

Today when we went to take down our Christmas Exhibition from the local cafe one of my paintings was missing. Where it had been was an empty space. Going down to see the staff who had kindly been collecting money from sales I discovered, not that it had been knocked off the wall and smashed (could have happened) but that someone had been in, liked my work and had paid good money for it. I don’t know who this person was, whether they wanted my painting for themselves or as a present and that makes it all the more special. They didn’t buy it because they knew me but because they liked what I did. The buzz of seeing the space and hoping that at last I had sold something at an exhibition was indescribable.

So today I feel it was worth all the hours I spent on the painting. I feel energised and enthused, ready to get my paints out and start over. Today my work and I feel valued in a completely different way from the value which I give myself and my art.

This I feel is something I need to remember too. That even when a person has a strong sense of value and self worth they still benefit from being seen to be valued in other ways by those outside of themselves and their immediate circle. So next time I am in a place where someone is for example, creating something, I will not necessarily buy anything but I will take the time to stop and talk, to admire and praise beyond the normal platitudes it is so easy to trot out in those circumstances. I will do my best to make the person I am speaking to feel valued. There is after all nothing like it.


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  1. Congratulations on selling your artwork! I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog posts. They keep me thinking and make me strive to be better. Thank you!

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