New Year Diet?

imageThere is so much around at this time of year about diets and eating healthily but in my house it seems to be all about eating up whatever is left over or which is close to it’s best before date, so I thought I’d share with you what I had to eat yesterday:

Breakfast – I never eat breakfast and before you all shout that it’s the most important meal of the day, for some people, like me for instance, it isn’t. I haven’t eaten breakfast other than when on holiday since I was about 10 years old and my mother gave up fighting me over it. So just black coffee then 🙂

Lunch – Now this was the healthy bit. I had some carrots which I thought I was about to lose, peeled them, chopped up apples and ginger to go with them, pulled my juicer out of the depths of the cupboard and made juice. And very nice it was too.

Mid afternoon – cup green tea and a slice of my delicious Christmas Cake. Well you have to really don’t you.

Tea – Here I had some Christmas Pudding and custard. I don’t actually like Christmas Pudding but did need to help use it up. I then had a piece of Stilton cheese which I do love and a couple of cheese biscuits. Cheese is a real treat for me as I’ve had to cut it out most of the time as I have high cholesterol which is sadly hereditary but I do my best. Oh and a glass of red wine 🙂

So why am I telling you this? Because I don’t feel guilty about it, I’m not starting January or any other month on a diet, I’m not beating myself up over eating so badly. Or should that be weirdly?  We all do it sometimes, and sometimes we need to. For me eating healthily isn’t about all or nothing, nor is it about depriving myself of anything but it is about being sensible. I don’t eat like this every day but sometimes I do…..and isn’t it fun when you sometimes let your hair down and eat like a child.

When I work with my pendulum, charts and lists for clients who come to me to check for intolerances it is all about making an informed choice. If you know something isn’t good for you then you make a choice about whether to eat it or not, if you choose to eat something you have a high intolerance to, or which you know disagrees with you then that is your choice and so are the consequences. Your body needs to cope with what you put into it but if you are aware of what you are doing you are highly unlikely to do it all the time.

If for example you have a 30% intolerence to hot milk, a 35% intolerence to eggs and a 40% intolerences to wheat these are all low level intolerences and having something containing one of these during the day won’t be a problem. Most of us have low level intolerences which we are totally unaware of and our bodies cope fine. If though you started every day with poached eggs on toast washed down with a cappuccino then your body won’t cope and your energy levels will drop as your body works away to eliminate the toxins you are feeding it. This is what I mean by an informed choice.

I know that Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding on a long term basis is not a healthy diet for me but a little at this time of year won’t hurt me, there are other things though that I know are not good for my body and so I avoid them. This is not a diet it is being sensible and being healthy.


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    • There’s a lot to be said for everything in moderation 🙂 I also believe that the more we are aware of ourselves, how our bodies react to things and what they need, the better.

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