Web of Life Connections – Ancestors

I thought it would be nice to have a connection or teacher to see 2014 out and 2015 in so today when I dipped my hand into this bag of connections this is what I held in my mind and from the depths of the bag I drew…


Now as you are probably all aware by now there are connections in the bag that I have no recollection of putting there and this is one of them. It is interesting though because yesterday I read a blog by someone who was saying that we should spend time talking with our ancestors and hearing their stories before it is too late. Bearing in mind there is no such thing as coincidence it seems clear that the Ancestors are waiting to speak to us.

‘Go within yourself and feel the connection you have to every living thing. Listen with your heart for that is where you will hear the truth and as you listen, know that everything and everyone that exists is your ancestor for in life there is no separation, that idea lives only in your mind. And when you listen, be at peace’.

I will see you all in 2015 🙂


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