It’s Monday so it’s time to get Musing

imageWith the change over from the Pagan Blog Project to the Pagan Experience I will be aiming to blog as part of this on a Monday during 2015.  With Monday Musings beginning next Monday 5th January I though I’d get some practice in.

I have bread baking in the oven, vegetables turning themselves into soup and so sitting here waiting I certainly have time to muse.

So what is musing exactly? A quick look online tells me this is a period of deep thought. Now I’m not sure that my musings will necessarily be the result of deep thought…..but wait….the synonyms for musing are: meditation, thinking, contemplation, deliberation, pondering, reflection, rumination, cogitation, introspection and daydreaming which puts me on much firmer ground.

As a child I would always be in trouble at school for what people thought was daydreaming. As an adult at times I still look to be daydreaming but what most people don’t realise is that I am actually journeying, shifting my perception and wandering or working in non-ordinary reality. When anyone hears me say ‘Sorry I was miles away’, I actually was.

I’m not sure this is what is really meant by musing, although I am sure there will be some shamanic journeying by me from time to time in order to gain insight into a topic that is part of the Pagan Experience posts. Thinking, contemplation and the odd bit of introspection though I can do 🙂

If in fact I take thinking, contemplation and introspection to be musing then I have certainly been musing today. I think musing in fact goes well with this time of year whatever our beliefs and however we celebrate. It is a time for looking back, reflecting on the year that has gone and maybe looking forward in some way to the year to come. It is that time between gathering with family and friends for either Solstice or Christmas and perhaps gathering with family and friends for the turn of the calendar year. It is the quiet time in between, the time for introspection, going within, and the time for looking out, for sign and omens that point the way to what is ahead, either within our own life or within the land around us.

My bread is baked, the soup made and so my musing time, for now anyway, has come to an end.

Merry Musing 





7 thoughts on “It’s Monday so it’s time to get Musing

  1. Great I love that. Next time I’m ruminating, I’m totally going to use that excuse. “Not daydreaming just working in non-ordinary reality.” Could hang that sign on my forehead. Back in five…not daydreaming just…

      • Yes, of course, by ruminating I mean goin into trance. Like you, I tend to drift off into quite easily. Even if my eyelids droop ever so slightly they start to flicker. At times it feels like a download, other times the third eye opens all the way and I’m scuba diving. If you watch Buddhist monks, many of them manage to do it routinely before answering deep questions. They seem to be searching for non-ordinary information about the person’s real intent to aid them in answering. In a healing or guidence context that’s fine (it has even come in handy as an English teacher to read my students and help them connect emotionally to what they are expressing) but when I’m in a conservative office environment I have to be really careful not to do that. Because I have freaked people out in the past by inadvertantly externalising their thoughts, or by accidently asking them a direct question about something that had recently happened, that I could never have known about in an ordinary way.

  2. Musing is an art…I have found I enjoy it so much…now I need to get better about writing the musings down, as my blog has been very vacant as of late…

    • I think it goes like that. There are some things I am aware I have let slip but in doing so there has been time for others. One of the things I’m musing on at the moment is what kind of balance I want as I move forward now.

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