Web of Life Connections – Emotions

imageAs I dipped my hand into the bag for a card today I quietly asked for a connection or teacher for everyone at this time of year and had to laugh when the one I drew out was Emotions.

I am sure that whatever and however you are celebrating at the moment, whether it be a quiet Pagan Solstice going deep within and connecting with yourself, or a massive family Christmas, socialising with friends and family you haven’t seen all year,  Emotions are to the forefront. So what message have they brought for us all?

‘No matter what is happening, how strongly your Emotions are running remember that they are only your Emotions, messengers if you will, they are not you. You can choose to acknowledge them and tuck them away for later or to let them run wild, but whichever you do be aware that your Emotions are speaking to you. Listen to what they are saying for there may be some healing to be done when the time is right’. 

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