Sleep working?

How’s everyone doing today, the day after the longest night and the new moon?

I’m sure this will get little sympathy from the insomniacs out there because I usually sleep like a log. I’m gone when my head hits the pillow and drift gently awake the following morning, usually having slept the night through. The last few nights though have been anything but restful and uninterrupted. I have been finding it hard to get to sleep and when I do have been feeling as if I am half awake. I am aware that I’ve been doing something although I have no idea what. This is when I know I have been sleep working.

Sometimes I am aware of this happening more at either full moon or new moon than at other times of the month. Sometimes this coincides with particularly powerful moons or planetary alignments that I am told about afterwards.

I have friends who are into astronomy who have been posting about this being a particularly powerful new moon. All I know is my mind is refusing to be still be it day or night and in my dreams I have definitely been somewhere, speaking to others and doing whatever it is I do when I am not awake at these times.

Sometimes I drift almost awake and have clear knowledge and what I have been doing, this knowledge then stays with me. It is almost as if I am woken so that I remember, this makes it much easier of course. At other times like now I have no idea at all so that of course leads me to spend my time awake wondering what I have been up to.

I can ask for it to stop of course and at times when I am really tired I do explain that while I am happy to work I do need a deep, restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep. I’m not quite there yet this time but it is getting close.

So…I just wondered if anyone else out there was experiencing anything similar at the moment.

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  1. I haven’t had experiences like that often, but when I do it’s usually attributed not only to the moon phases, but to the specific times of year. When I do have these occurrences, it’s around the time of the equinoxes. Perhaps your sleep working becomes more active and sensitive to the energies due to the solstice and the changing of the seasons, drawing on or reacting to the ebb and flow of different vibrations the planet is putting out around these times. Might be worth a look back to see if you have similar instances in the past few years around the same times of year.

  2. Thanks for this post, it explains a lot. I’m feeling much the same and keep drifting off in my mind during my awake time as snippets of what I’ve been doing pop up! Feeling pretty tired at moment. X

  3. I’ve been dreaming a lot more lately. But this tends to happen over the holiday season. With the absence of a monotonous day job, dreaming seems to flower into abundence seemingly to make the most of the absence of linear time, planning and work-related ego issues.

  4. Sounds like lucid dreaming. You can lucid dream while your concious and doing stuff if your body is exhausted enough. I’ve had it happen to me on a train to work a few times. I’ve drifted into a trance and have come awake in the astral space and could see the energy body of someone standing in front of me and it was doing something different than it’s physical one.

    • Not lucid dreaming either lol. I do shamanic work and spend a lot of my awake time in trance and at night I’m neither journeying nor lucid dreaming. It’s completely different to both.

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