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imageWe all love a little bit of Adventure in our lives ….or do we? Sometimes I’m completely up for it, usually when it’s the spur of the moment and I don’t have time to think about it too much. At other times though, usually when I do have time to think, I can come up with loads of excuses for not doing something especially when I’m not too sure what it is.

It was very apt for me to have drawn Adventure today for I’m in the position of having somewhere to go for solstice, but it’s to something where I don’t know who will be there or what it will be like. I’ve had way to long to think about this and have come up, in my head at least, with all the reasons why staying home and having a solitary ceremony, totally within my control is the best thing to do, when if I had not had time to think I woud have been there like a shot. I know this because my immediate reaction on receiving the invitation some weeks ago was ‘Yes I have somewhere to go for Solstice!’

Sitting with the card holding the energy of Adventure I get this message:

‘Do not give yourself time to connect with any fears you are holding, these are not reality unless you give them life and make them so. Relax and think of all the benfits of just ‘going for it’ and then just go. You only live this life once and to make less of it than you can is not what you are here for. You should always choose Adventure over playing safe’.

I think the message for me is clear anyway…..it will certainly not be a solitary solstice for me this year but a small step into the unknown 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Adventure

  1. i hope your solstice will be one of joy shared and experience deepened in the company of others. Discernment can take time, but knowing can happen in an instant. And there are times when it is appropriate to make lists of pros and cons and sometimes we must simply fly and trust we will be where and when we are meant to be and do. This is always very personal and no two individuals process the call to adventure in the same way. Solstice blessings.

    • Thank you. There is no danger involved in this, no pros and cons to be weighed up, I’m just making it far more complicated than it needs to be. All I need to do is get in my car, drive for a while and as I was told ‘go for it’

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