Night of the Mothers

A wonderful post by Elen Sentier reflecting on her own experience as a child and young woman, honouring the feminine on the eve of Solstice.

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I was inspired to write this post by Yvonne Ryves who put up this excellent post – Madronicht: Celebrating the feminine – on her own blog.

Chittlehampton Yew TreeI was brought actively into the work of the Night of the Mothers when I attained my first blood-moon, in other words became physically capable of becoming a mother, but I was taken to the children’s part of the feast from a wee child. The villages where I grew up on the edges of Dartmoor and Exmoor still held the customs of the mothers on Midwinter’s Eve, just before the Standstill (the solstice) begins.

This picture is of the triple-stemmed yew tree in the churchyard. Many’s the time I climbed her on my way to and from school :-). There is an eye set in the central stem near the bottom which is very special, the Eye of the Lady we called it. For…

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