Thank You

I feel I should say something here to mark the fact that I’ve just passed the 200th follower of my blog (pause for a small celebration here :)) 200 might not sound much but to me it’s huge.

I began my blog in the depths of February last with no idea if anyone would read it or not. It started as a place for me to ‘talk out loud’ as it were and a place where I could share the connections in the Web of Life to help those working with my book. Then I discovered the Pagan Blog Project which has kept me on the straight and narrow regarding my blog and made sure I posted at least once a week this year. I am beyond grateful for this as without it I am sure at times I would have lapsed.

During this time though I have discovered that I really enjoy writing to you all and am delighted that you all seem to enjoy reading what I write. So as we come to the end of 2014 a big THANK YOU to everyone for reading Solitary Path.

The Pagan Blog Project comes to an end in two weeks so next year will bring something different I hope. I also hope that you will all stay with me and that I will still be ‘chatting’ with you in 2015.


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