Pagan Blog Project – Yearning

Solitary Path

imageI have spent most of my life feeling that I was born in the wrong time and wrong place, yearning as it were for the life I felt I should have had as opposed to the one I was in. It has taken me until quite recently to understand this and to let it go, to stop yearning for the life I imagined should have been mine.

As a child I also hated school and spent a lot of my time yearning to be ‘grown up’ so I didn’t need to be at school anymore. At home as a child I’d yearn to be somewhere else, on holiday, usually somewhere I deemed to be ‘boring’, I yearned to be home or on holiday in a different place with different people.

As an adult, in my career I’d yearn for promotion, a different job, more money, less stress and so on…

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