Web of Life Connections – New Concepts

I love when I draw a card that has a connection or teacher on it that I can’t even remember putting there. Today was one of those days and New Concepts came as a total surprise.

Perhaps though, after being so stuck with my blog earlier in the week it is just the teacher that I need to connect with and listen to.

This was the message that I was given by the connection, New Concepts today:

‘At times it is best to give in and go with the flow rather than rally and fight against it. It is then that you create space for new concepts to come in and it is these new concepts that will carry you forward. Do not dismiss them,  nor be afraid of them,  for it is at times like these that the most growth occurs and the greatest insight is gained’.

This certainly resonates with me and I hope it does with others of you out there.


2 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – New Concepts

  1. When I’ve read these posts on here, I don’t comment. I sit and I contemplate. I meditate. I reflect. But today, I have this undying need to comment. So who am I to question it.
    This is EXACTLY what I needed today. Long story short, wasn’t exactly looking forward to an important appointment this afternoon. More apprehensive of things I’m going to find out more than anything else. But now, I KNOW we’re doing the right thing, and this reaffirms that decision, and also straight up tells me not to argue, not to fight it, and to keep an open mind.

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