Web of Life Connections – Thought and Peace

imageTwo for the price of one today 🙂 Dipping my hand into the bag I drew what I thought was one card but which turned out to be two. Rather than separate them I thought I’d share the message from both as they clearly were determined to both be heard together.

So, in the order in which they were drawn….


‘Be still, stop rushing and give your mind chance to settle, only then will you know what that voice inside is trying to tell you. This is the true thought, the one that bubbles up from nowhere and surprises you. Be still now and listen’.

And Peace:

‘When you allow yourself to be still and find that calm and quiet place inside you then, and only then, can you find inner peace. This peace needs to be searched for, it is within you and you can touch it any time you choose once you know where it is, no matter what is happening around you’.

So two clear messages today relating to being still. Enjoy!


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