Web of Life Connections – Death

imageI had more than a little trouble drawing today’s card. As I dipped my hand into the bag several cards attached themselves to me and trying to separate them proved difficult. Usually when this happens I draw all of them as they all have messages, but judging by the pile in my grasp this was an unusually large amount and probably too many to listen to at once.

I let the cards go and then dipped my hand in once again returning with what felt like several still but which proved to be only one, that of Death.

Just like the Death card in Tarot, there is nothing to fear from drawing Death as a connection within the web of life for it simply refers to change and the need to let go. So what then is Death’s message for us at this time?

‘ Do not try and hold onto what has passed but look joyfully to the future for there is much there to embrace. Holding onto things that have served their purpose only serves to hold you back. Even when letting go is painful and requires some soul searching this is so. As the wheel turns so does your life. Step into the new knowing that without the past this could not exist.’

Shaman Pathways Web of Life 

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