Although you may not have realised it as WordPress has been efficiently posting the blog posts I had scheduled before I left, but I have been away on holiday.

Normally this is not a problem as I can get internet coverage pretty much anywhere but this time it was, as I was in Bhutan. Every now and then it was possible to pick up my emails but replying was another matter. This is not unusual as my email provider seems to think that the only place I need to reply to emails from is my home. I have long since given up trying to do so whilst travelling and instead save anything important to deal with when I return….

and herein lies the problem…

This time all the emails I carefully forwarded to be saved and stored safely, emails that I know were there, on my arrival home mysteriously disappeared. I did manage to retreive some emails that were important to respond to but one that was equally important has vanished off the face of the earth.

So what am I to make of this I now wonder?

The email was one asking about shamanic training, not a workshop in learning how to journey but long term or apprenticeship style training. This is something that I am asked to do every now and again and which I have so far resisted. I had been wondering if the Universe was giving me a shove towards this with the new request but now it has vanished I am wondering if it is something I should let go of, something I am not meant to be doing after all.

This is a dilema that is not infrequent when we start paying attention to the messages we receive from the Universe or our guides. It is not just enough for us to be aware of the messages or signs we are being given, we also have to make sense of them and making sense of them can at times be hard. Sometimes we make sense of things in the way that we wish to, in a way that meets what we want to do,  at others we make sense of things in a way that stretches us, leading us forward and helping us learn which is obviously more rewarding in the long term than taking the easy way out. Sometimes we have to be patient and wait for more information or messages to arrive as trying to make sense of something with incorrect or incomplete information can lead us into all kinds of problems.

Me….I’m just going to sit on this, be patient and see what, if anything, else turns up. Better to be still and wait, than spend time trying to find something that isn’t supposed to be found.