Pagan Blog Project – Walking Through Webs

imageA few years ago, when working with Hummingbird, it showed me the threads of the web in which we are interwoven, interconnected, all part of the whole. On this occasion, and at times since then, these were shown to me as fine fibres of green light, like lasers and it was explained that to connect to anything and any time within the web all I had to do is to reach out my hand and touch the right connection. Hummingbird also explained how we walk through these threads every minute of every day without being aware of them.

Now just for a moment imagine yourself early in the morning, overnight the spiders have been busy spinning and weaving, the garden, the path you walk down, the doorway you step through, are full of stunning, intricate webs. Take your time to have a good look at them wondering at the creativity of those who wove them. Now imagine yourself walking through these webs. Even when if you fail to notice these wonders of nature they will let you know they are there, clinging to you, sticking in your hair, against your skin or your clothes so you cannot fail to notice what you have done.

If only the web of life, the web that connects each and every one of us, to everything that exists, the web of which we are an intricate part, could do the same. If only as we moved through life we could see the myriad of connections we brush against, walk through, pass by every minute of every day. If only these threads clung to us and made us pay attention in the way that the spider’s web does. What would we be aware of, what would we learn if it was so.

Perhaps we would be fully aware of the resonance of the actions of anything, including ourselves, within the web. Perhaps we would have a greater respect for the way in which different aspects of the web impact on us, sometimes supporting or helping us, sometimes showing us the way and of course of how we impact on the world around us. Perhaps we would know the ability we have to tap into the universal consciousness or speak with anything or anyone at any time. Perhaps we would also tread more lightly and with greater awareness as we moved through our lives.


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  1. Wonderful reflections. Thank you. Yes, I believe that people would act very differently if they new just how deeply everyone is at the energetic level, especially those who are working through shared karma together in this life. Reminds me of an image from the Indian tale of Indra’s Web, which speaks of droplets of water at each juncture of a web, reflecting each and every other droplet. Some people including myself believe this ancient tale provides a symbolic explanation for principals of quantum field theory which were understood and articulated intuitively through advanced spiritual science.

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