Pagan Blog Project – Why I Don’t Do Spell Work

imageAs a child I was fascinated with the idea of spells but I have always avoided them for for reasons that completely escaped me. Sure, in my work there are aspects that could be described by some as magic, but actual spell work….No!

Why I always avoided spell work in any form puzzled me until I read ‘Wicked Business’ by Janet Evanovich. Whilst not a particularly good book I loved it because as I read it, slowly but surely, I began to understand why spells and I do not mix under any circumstances.

In the book a young female character, called Glo, visits a local shop and if I remember correctly, returns with a book of spells. Needless to say that nothing goes right, Glo is not a witch, she does not have any experience in any way nor anyone to teach her. As she experiments, ingredients are improvised through lack of the exact one specified in the book, things go wrong and this was where it hit me….

When I cook I usually begin with a recipe. My tried and tested method is to choose what to cook by looking through cook books, or online, to find something that sounds or looks nice. I then look through the ingredients and if I don’t have exactly what it says I decide what to substitute or to miss out completely. When asked what’s for tea the most common answer is….

‘It started off as this, but I didn’t have any x, y, z so now it’s this but I don’t know what it’s called’

And this is exactly what would happen if I did spell work. I wouldn’t have the right herb, colour candle, colour ribbon, incense or whatever was needed so I would use what I thought was ‘near enough’ or I would leave it our completely. In other words I would experiment and see what happened. Whilst I realise that there is a degree of flexibility in spell work, I also realise that experimenting to the extent that I do, would not really be safe.

So there you have it….in order not to do harm or blow anything up, I do not do spell work πŸ™‚

Be very glad that it was shamanism that became my path and not Wicca. For that the world is a much, much safer place.


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  1. I can relate so much! Every time I’ve attempted a spell, I never had all the right “stuff” so I get frustrated and put off. I also cook the same way…we have different versions of “ghoulash” just about every night lol!

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