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imageI have spent most of my life feeling that I was born in the wrong time and wrong place, yearning as it were for the life I felt I should have had as opposed to the one I was in. It has taken me until quite recently to understand this and to let it go, to stop yearning for the life I imagined should have been mine.

As a child I also hated school and spent a lot of my time yearning to be ‘grown up’ so I didn’t need to be at school anymore. At home as a child I’d yearn to be somewhere else, on holiday, usually somewhere I deemed to be ‘boring’, I yearned to be home or on holiday in a different place with different people.

As an adult, in my career I’d yearn for promotion, a different job, more money, less stress and so on and so forth.

Now in so many ways I’ve learnt to let go of the yearning to some extent. I’ve learnt that if something is right for me, if it is within my path and for my good then it will happen. Yearning will not make this so.

I think this is why I never try to manifest anything, for to me that always feels like yearning, which in turn feels like being dissatisfied with what I have. This to me is the opposite to being grateful or showing gratitude. For me now it is more important to try and remember to appreciate what I have and enjoy it in the moment rather than yearn for what isn’t there.


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  1. It’s my personal belief that the soul is reincarnated in a non-linear order. Meaning that you may live a life first so far into the future it may seem a dream. Then your next life is in the 1800s. And that the soul bounces from place to place, time to time in this manner. Even to other places in the solar system. Therefore, the “yearning” for another place and time may sometimes be a sense of being born a century later than you feel comfortable. Or born too soon and wondering why certain advancements in technology or medicine are not common place by now. And the sense is there because the soul spent so little time between the previous life and this one, so the memories and experiences of that life are still so recent and fresh.
    On yearning in general, that is also why I do not try to manifest things. If I am meant to have it, then the opportunity for it will be presented to me (sometimes by coincidence, more often than not by hard work and determination) and I will be given the choice to take it or not. Part of what I don’t understand about how people can so, i feel, carelessly manifest for themselves is that yes positive thinking is all well and good, but the important part is how you get there, how it comes to you not the goal of actually getting what you are manifesting. I feel it’s better to cultivate things for yourself, and it helps to put the yearning to good use. Because as you tend that tree, as you take an active approach to your goals, your yearning becomes motivation and drive rather than a feeling or abstract concept.

    • I couldn’t agree more on all counts. I too have a nonlinear concept of our lives and also believe we can be living ones that run parallel.

      I agree too about manifesting, I have a real problem with the ‘give it me now’ mentality of it all and how materialistic a lot of it is. I had real problems with the Secret!

      • My old boss made us learn about The Secret just so we a) knew who was likely to buy it b) could logically explain WHY it was not sold at our store and c) as a test to weed out who he did and didn’t want working for him.
        The short of it is, he didn’t want someone behind that counter who was going to espouse the feel good empty promises because aside from the fact it could get him into trouble if the client/shopper was dissatisfied and started badmouthing the shop for one person’s hopeful blind faith, he felt horrible that someone had created The Secret and that so many people were taken in by it. He did not want to contribute to something he felt was detrimental to real spiritual development.

      • What an enlightened boss. I’m seriously concerned about how many people still see this and things like it as the way so it’s great to hear that there are those who refuse to buy into it.

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