A Beginner’s Journey With Essential Oils

imageI am now the proud owner of an aroma diffuser 🙂

Spurred on by the talk I went to on deTorro essential oils the other day and with the idea that our local Lidl might still have some aroma diffusers left, yesterday I went shopping. Not only did they have three left but they were in the reduced section and were a whopping 30% off 🙂 🙂 There were two designs to chose from and knowing I was going to be using it in the house not in my healing room I chose the one that looked most obtrusive and less like a diffuser.

Getting home I decided to try it out using the precious few drops I had left of the Wild Orange I had been given after the talk. Instructions read, water carefully measured and poured in, in what I hoped was the direction of the pouring arrow (whatever that is) I added the last three drops of my oil. I carefully place the diffuser so that it was level and not on anything that I could possibly damage then plugged it in and switched it on.

And then I waited…..and waited…..and waited…….and nothing happened 😦 No wonderful smelling mist…….nothing.

When I took the lid off there was plenty of mist inside the diffuser but nothing I could do would make the mist escape through the lid. Eventually I gave in and asked my husband to look at it but he couldn’t see what was wrong with it either. It just wasn’t working!

So I emptied the tank saving the water and oil mix, cleaned out the diffuser, dried it, packed it up, found the receipt and then got back in the car and took it back to Lidl. Normally I’d have waited until I was next in town but I knew that there had only been one of the alternative style there in the morning so didn’t want to miss it.

Exchanging the the diffuser took just a few minutes and then it was back home with the replacement, the more traditional style diffuser.

Once again I measured the water and oil mix as this new diffuser took 40ml less for some reason, set up the diffuser, plugged it in and then …..almost immediately there was a fragrant mist pouring out of the top, just as it should be 🙂

So last night, having used up all my Wild Orange I placed the diffuser in the bedroom and added some lavender essential oil that I had bought some time ago and never used.  A short time before going to bed we switched the diffuser on and delight of delights by the time we went up we had a bedroom smelling delightfully of lavender. What a nice way to fall asleep.