Web of Life Connections – Winter


With Autumn suddenly upon us in the Northern Hemisphere it is perhaps timely that the connection card I drew for everyone this week is that of Winter. As as a summer person, someone who enjoys being warm, winter is by far and away my least favourite season, but in terms of my life I always enjoy moving into a period of Winter. As the wheel of life turns in this direction, I know that a time of symbolic death, of letting go and of preparing the ground for new things ahead, is upon me. Always an exciting time in so many ways.

As I sit with Winter I am given this message to share here

‘Hear the wind blow and the dust shift and then resettle. Cobwebs are cleared and the ashes of all that has passed fly free on the wind. This is a time for clearing, cleaning house and for making space. What is ahead needs room so it may enter, do not be afraid of letting go’.




4 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Winter

  1. Letting go is always challenge. First to discern what is truly meant to leave, not just what may be convenient! And then to let go of the things that one may have thought to keep. Maybe that is why Autumn is so beautiful, it helps to bring contemplation about the important things in our lives. Thank you Yvonne, for continuing to provoke thought and for helping me to grow!

    • Hi there 😊 Yes letting go, always a problem. The way I deal with it is to assume that if I let go of something I still need it will come back to me. Usually works for me anyway if that helps.

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