Web of Life Connections – Hawk

imageAs with everything life sometimes gets in the way of that which is planned such as drawing a connection within the web of life to work with for the week. Life has certainly got in the way here recently in both good and bad ways but hopefully I am now back on track….here I feel the need to cross my fingers lol.

As I dipped my hand into the bag to draw this week’s connection I found myself struggling to separate them. Usually there is one card that jumps into my fingers, today I was shaking at clumps of cards trying to separate them. This could be that the connections are eager to work after their enforced break, or it could be that this week’s connection was at that point unclear. The card that eventually shook loose was Hawk.

Sitting here now with Hawk I first of all sense the freedom of rising above everything, flying high, catching thermals and then what captures my attention is the sharpness of sight, the hawk eye as it were and so comes Hawk’s message…..

‘Rise above the mundane, the everyday,  for it is only by doing so that you can even begin to see clearly. Sitting still in the middle of everything only adds to the confusion. Rise like the hawk, step outside of  what you have created around you and then you will be able to see everything that has been hidden from you’.