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I have always believed I was protected, that those who guide me also watched over me and made sure I was completely safe. This I trusted in implicitly.

This feeling of being protected and being able to trust that I am looked after, is something that I am finding hard to hold onto at the moment. Although in one way I still hope I can trust that I am safe and protected on a personal level, I am learning that in others I am as vulnerable as the next person.

Whilst on holiday earlier in the year, an employee of the place we were staying in broke into our locked room and stole money from us. This person was caught and is awaiting trial, we though are still awaiting the return of our money and have been told it could take as long as four years. For the rest of that holiday we made sure that everything was locked away or in the safe and that cases were kept locked. I am sure our next holiday will be no different.

Then the other night we had one of our sheds broken into and several items stolen. Again I am left feeling vulnerable, unable at the moment to trust in the protection I once took for granted. I am feeling certain that at the moment it doesn’t extend to my belongings anyway.

I recognise that this could all have been so much worse, that it is only money, that the things in the shed were of no great value and if we choose to, they can be replaced. For that I am extremely grateful. I have never valued material belongings anyway so that isn’t the issue, it is more that the trust that I had feels completely broken and I’m not sure how easily it can be restored.

I am sure somewhere here there is a message and maybe in time I will see it clearly. The only messages I can see at present though are that I can no longer trust those who watch over me implicitly, that I need stronger locks, need to be more vigilant and that I need to strengthen the protection, energetic and otherwise, around myself, family and home.

Just in case these aren’t the messages the universe wants me to receive, if anyone reading this has any ideas I’d be happy to hear them before the universe sends me the message for a third time, after all there are no coincidences and  twice this year is twice too many.

6 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – Trust

  1. The whole time I was reading this I was thinking ‘7, 7, 7’! This year the world is numerologically in a 7, which is about loss and truth. It is a year where you will go through some hardship, emotional or physical, but there is a lesson in it for you. The 7 is about finding your truth in a situation, looking at what is happening around you and finding the lesson. I am sure there is one for you, as there is for everyone who has suffered loss this year (how many famous people alone have died this year??). For me, this is just another ‘loss’ experienced by someone this year. It is up to you to find the lesson in it!
    Probably not much help with the actual lesson unfortunately… at least the world year number 7 may provide a reason at least… hope it has helped in some small way… 🙂

    • Interesting Christie! I still am unclear what the lesson in all of this is but if it’s a world year 7 then at least what is going on makes a bit more sense. I know I am not the only one experiencing some kind of loss. I know from experience that the lesson will click into place at some point, the main thing here I feel is for me to be aware and watch out for signs that help this to happen. Thank you 🙂

  2. Since you asked, I will give my opinion. Trust is good to have and it’s not easy to maintain, both in the physical and spiritual realms. Trust does not eliminate our own need for personal vigilance, though. I wouldn’t walk into traffic with my eyes closed, trusting the Universe to keep me safe, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t, either. We must first rely on ourselves and our own good judgement before placing our trust in anyone else. The world, and indeed the Universe, is not a safe place. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust, but trust reasonably, not absolutely. To trust absolutely is to surrender your own power. That’s my take on it, anyway. I wish you peace of mind and many blessings.

    • Thank you 🙂 I wrote my blog at a low point soon after it had happened but know that I am responsible for myself and need to do my part to make sure I can be safe….my guides have described it as being care full rather than care less where material things are concerned. I think your comment about trusting reasonably makes complete and utter sense.

      • I think we all find it hard sometimes to believe we are supported in the Universe. It’s good to revisit an issue like this when no longer wrapped up in the feelings of the moment, because it helps to see it more clearly. That in itself is very healing.

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