Book Review – Labyrinth Wisdom Cards

imageLabyrinth Wisdom Cards By Tony Christie

Tony Christie is a knowledgable and experienced labyrinth designer, labyrinth builder and artist who has as created a beautiful set of cards to inspire, teach and present the labyrinth in a new way. In doing so Tony has made the labyrinth accessible to each and every one of us, including those of us who are not lucky enough to have a physical labyrinth to walk at this time.

Like most sets of cards Labyrinth Wisdom Cards consists of both cards and an accompanying booklet. In the booklet Tony first introduces the labyrinth and explains the history of this most ancient symbol and then shares the way in which labyrinths can be used by us today, how they can reflect our path in life,highlight areas in need of healing, bring a sense of balance and centredness and enhance creativity.

The forty eight cards in the pack can be used for intuition, three card spreads, chakra spreads, and body spreads as well as any other card spread that is in our repertoire.

The wisdom of these cards is a welcome addition to my own spiritual resources and I am looking forward to working with them in more depth over the years ahead as I have no doubt they will serve me well. So far I have seen them work powerfully for my clients by providing the perfect message to assist their healing, in an intuitive way for my own guidance and as a group spread after a labyrinth walk. In each cases the messages have been strong, clear and easily interpreted.

This is a truly beautiful set of cards, from the images and simple messages on the front of the cards through to the more in depth information to be found in the accompanying booklet. I would recommend them as a resource for anyone interested in working with the labyrinth in any way, as well as those looking for insight and guidance on their spiritual path.

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