Meeting a Spirit Guide for the First Time

imageAs there was so much interest in my last post about working with Spirit Guides I thought I’d share my first experience of meeting one which was during my Reiki Master’s apprenticeship when it was suggested that I ask my spirit guide to make themselves known to me. I was given the advice to sit quietly and centre myself and ask my main guide at the time to show themselves clearly to me. So I sat quietly and I waited, all the time asking for them to do so. I waited and I waited and nothing.

Later that evening, sat mindlessly watching something on television I closed my eyes and almost immediately, saw letters being drawn in my mind’s eye. These were not ordinary letters but letters of fire and once they had finished being drawn I was left with a name. Needless to say I was completely freaked out!

The name I had been given had no meaning for me, nor for my Reiki Master when I shared it with them. So I did what anyone with access to a computer would….I Googled it…….and still I found…. absolutely nothing.

A few days later I found myself being drawn towards some books that we had purchased Many years before, whilst on holiday in Egypt. Settling myself down with these I proceeded to work my way through them searching for the name I had been given. Eventually I found it deeply embedded in some text and when I did it all began to make sense. The name I had been given was a little known, little used name of an Egyptian Pharaoh and the Pharaoh was linked to the Egyptian God Horus. It was not the pharaoh I had been seeking but Horus himself as it turned out.

There had been signs before this, signs I hadn’t understood or known how to interpret. For example when meditating to find a symbol for my masters training I had been shown the Eye of Horus, the all seeing eye, a powerful symbol of protection.

Later, after my apprenticeship had finished and I needed to extradite myself from some people and work I had become involved with, I learnt how powerful and protective Horus is as a guide and how calling him in had, at that time anyway, the ability to completely change the situation for me.

Like many guides Horus is not continually present for I do not need him to be so. He was there at the beginning when I needed him and I like to think that he would be there for me again should I ever find myself in a position where I needed his form of protection. He is not a guide that I work with now but nevertheless I am grateful to have had his presence when I needed it most.

Later, when I had learn to work with other guides, I asked why I hadn’t been given the name of Horus in the first place, why I had been led on such a wild goose chase. Their answer had been that if I had been I wouldn’t have believed it. By sending me something that would lead me to research, investigate and eventually uncover what I was seeking myself, they had created a situation where I would believe what I had found. This is in fact completely right. It seems my guides know me well.