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One of the things I do is Spirit Guide Readings and I was asked by a client recently if I could explain how I work with my guides in this way and having gone through it for them I thought others might be interested, after all it’s always fun to compare how we work isn’t it.

I didn’t grow up seeing spirits, hearing voices, knowing that there was help and support around me so my first real meeting with my guides was about 10 years ago, although I now know they have been with me for much much longer than this. Even though I knew they were there at this point and had met one in particular when journeying I really didn’t know how to work with them outside of a shamanic journey. For a long time friends who had psychic abilities were telling me that my guides were saying that I wasn’t listening, but to be honest I was trying I just didn’t know what it was that I needed to do.

I had purchased a couple of sets of cards and thought these might help if I could learn to work with them but all they did was frustrate me. I really felt the cards were in the way. Then when on a course a medium was explaining how she worked, how she talked to her guides and they connected her to other people’s and I found myself thinking ‘That’s how I read’, which at the time made no sense to me at all as I didn’t speak to my guides yet alone do readings.

Soon after though I found myself sitting with pen and paper in hand in what I now know to be a light trance, writing automatically. This continued on and off for a number of months and during that time I came to know my guides, the sound and feel of their voices and the energy of each of them. This became my training ground with them in many ways. Eventually the automatic writing shifted to a two way conversation which is how it remains today. I still sit and write the conversation, both sides of it, theirs and mine for I have realised this is how I listen. It is very useful to have this to look back on, to read through later too and has now taken the form of journalling for me.

When I look back now I can see how perfect this way of listening is for me for it’s how I learn. In courses or meetings if I don’t make notes I don’t hear anything. If I am listening to a recording I need to do the same. Many years ago studying with the Open University I ‘lost’ several hours supposedly listening to pre recorded course material when in reality I was journeying and not even present. So yes working this way with my guides really suits me.

When I’m reading for others though I don’t write at all but speak what I am being shown or told and this I record onto a digital recorder for if I didn’t I wouldn’t remember what I had been told to pass on in any way. This recording is then emailed to whoever I am reading for. If it is a distance reading it is needed immediately, if a person to person reading it is there for future listening if needed.

Working this way is what works for me. When I am asked for advice on how to work with guides I always say that it is important to find what works for the person asking. I also explain that guides work with us in many ways, day in day out, but that we often overlook their guidance for it can come in what may seem very small ways. It might be a series of ‘coincidences’, a book left open at the very thing you need to see, a song on the radio, an overheard conversation, a poster in a window, an unexpected gift, for example. Our guides use any possible ways that are at their disposal in order to reach us, all we have to do is learn how to listen to them.


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