imageWe rarely get visitors that stay overnight, sure we have friends who crash here now and again but not those visitors who are planned weeks in advance, who maybe we haven’t see for a while, or at least not in our home.

This week we have visitors like this. Not one but two sets, making a total of eight real, planned, need to prepare for them, visitors. They arrive in a couple of days!

Ok, I’m really looking forward to seeing them and spending time with them all, so this isn’t a moan in any way, more a reflecting for a moment on what getting visitors has meant. Or rather what we have made it mean, for this has been seen as a chance to get some of the things done that we have been putting off for……oh a long time.

Earlier in the year the patio area of our garden was awash with primroses, then aquilegia and finally foxgloves. In between these plants which we cheerfully allow to grow where they wish are pots planted in June with bedding plants. Due to the fact that we never tidy away the aquilegia and foxgloves by the time September comes it is usually very difficult to see the pots. This happens every year.This year though the wild plants are tidied up and our pots, having light, sun and some moisture are blooming. Our patio looks amazing 🙂

The hedge out front which, as we face into a country road, affords us privacy from not only cars but also tractors, usually does its own thing. We last had it cut two years ago but last week we contacted someone who just before the weekend came and cut it for us. It is now looking hedge like rather than wild and while I love wild, it is a huge improvement, one that has us promising to remember to have it cut again next year too.

The drive into our house has two pillars either side which have been backed into at various times resulting in them cracking and moving. For the last six months we have toyed with the idea of getting builders in to replace them. We have tossed back and forth between just replacing them and getting the entrance widened. Eventually we settled on widening, agreed this with the builders and then waited after all it wasn’t urgent. Our visitors though are hiring an SUV wider than either of our cars. The thought of them trying to get in and out was the impetus we needed to get the work done. Now we look at the entrance, the neat, new pillars and and wonder why it took us so long.

Today I cleaned my healing room so it could become a bedroom for a few days. This wasn’t just a clean the bits that show clean but a moving of furniture, opening of windows, dust everything, Hoover everything kind of clean. It is gleaming now, spotless as it always should be really. The house is next and that will happen tomorrow. Windows have already been washed, beds made and my art things which tend to spread all over the conservatory have been put away, but it is the last minute hoovering now, the cleaning of the newly appeared cobwebs and the re homing of spiders and wood lice, that still needs to be done.

So, I am delighted that we are having visitors, the kind that stay long enough to see the effort we have made, I hope, and I love that they have given us the kick we needed to get a few things done. Maybe if I can plan in visitors every now and again all the other things that we are thinking of or haven’t quite got round to, will miraculously be finished. Now where’s my diary and address book…

Just so you don’t wonder where I am visitors means very little time to blog for at least the next week but I’ll be back again just as soon as I’ve cleaned up after they have all left!