Pagan Blog Project – Resistance

imageBeing resistant is something I know all too well. It doesn’t matter how much I am being nudged, guided or led towards doing something, sometimes I just dig my heels in and that is that.

Some years ago whilst working with my guides I was given a very clear message about something that I was to do. This involved writing a book, a task that was well outside my experience and my comfort zone. Did I grasp the nettle and take it as a challenge? No, I dug my heels in, stamped my feet and ignored it totally, resisting all the way.

The problem was that, like many things that we are guided to do, the task didn’t go away. It kept resurfacing at odd times, both in my consciousness and when others were working with me. Resistance and the energy of resisting hung around me like a cloak. When I was first working with the Munay Ki rites and connecting with the archetypes even Humming Bird tried to take me firmly in hand by showing me clearly how much energy I was expanding resisting, trying to stay where I was instead of going with the flow and allowing myself to move forward. Even though I understood this I still resisted.

I think some of my resistance is to do with free will. If I have chosen to do something then I will put all my effort behind getting it done. If though it is something that I do not feel I have chosen but which is being foisted upon me then I resist. The problem here is that when I am being guided towards something the chances are that in some way, at some point in time, either subconsciously or before incarnating, I have agreed to do it, it is just my conscious mind that hasn’t recognised this. When this is the case, eventually even I usually recognise that I have to give in.

I gave in over writing the book and when I did I was assisted in the writing of it by my guides. Ideas were put in my head, thoughts came together, when I took a chance and sent the manuscript to authors whose work I admired they happily endorsed my book and when I found the courage to forwarded it to a publisher they loved it. The whole publishing process happened faster than I could ever have imagined and suddenly I was holding actual copies of my work. When I did I really saw how much resisting had been pointless. The book needed to be written and published and in the end once I gave in and stopped resisting the energy of this flowed and it became so.

Having learnt this lesson have I stopped resisting? Not at all. Why give me free will and choice if I am not to use them?