Preparing for Autumn

Busy time here 🙂 I think it’s something to do with the time of year, coming into Autumn and the need to prepare for the months ahead. I’m not aware of having felt like this so strongly any previous year but am very aware of it at the moment. Perhaps it’s the Bardic work that has caused this to be so for I’ve certainly been connecting more and more with the passing of the seasons and the turning of the wheel since I began this. Whatever it is it’s interesting to step back for a few minutes here and observe.

The house for one thing has been the focus of attention. All those little things that we have been talking about are now beginning to be done. The entrance to our drive has been widened and as I write this the builder is putting the final layer of plaster on the pillars. A window that had developed a fault that caused water to seep in has been replaced. The gutters have been cleared out and even though this has created a leaking seal on the corner of the conservatory, which at the moment is sounding like the Chinese Water Torture, I am grateful it has been done and that we can now sort out the leaking seal while the builder is still with us.

Very soon someone will be coming to cut the hedges back, a job that we have left until it is safe to do so for the birds and other wildlife. In the garden onions have been lifted, plants tidied and tubs weeded. There is still much more that remains to be done of course but because the garden feels life Autumn it helps me to realise how important it is for me to get these jobs done so that I give everything the TLC it needs before the nights and weather close in.

I have also it seems been preparing for the change in season. Recently I have found myself reappraising what is important and what is not. My priorities are shifting and so I have begun to release myself from commitments that no longer work to give me time for what does. Like the garden I need to give my life and those in it a bit of TLC too.

So as September arrives today I am looking at what that means for me. The art group I paint with recommences on Friday after the summer break, the women’s group I belong to also has it’s first meeting next week. There are emails to be sent out, friends to reconnect with and the meeting of new friends I am sure, a lot to look forward to as I head into the Autumn.