Web of Life Connections – Passion

As I drew the connection for this week, even though I had drawn it for everyone reading my blog, it really resonated with me.

For the last month or so I have been working as part of my Bardic training, with the element Fire and two things that have come up frequently through the work are Responsibility which was the last connection drawn and today’s connection, Passion.

This certainly reinforces the concept that everything that exists is interconnected and communicates.

So the message for all of us from the connection or teacher that is Passion is:

‘Do not dwell on what you cannot have or what you have not yet obtained but rather find the passion that is in your life, the things(s) you do that make life worth living and then chase after these with all your heart. These are the only things that matter, nothing else is of any importance to you no matter what anyone else believes’.