In Appreciation of Water and Rain

I’m sitting here on a Monday morning, the sun is doing its best to break through but is struggling. Yesterday it rained all day, not the odd light passing shower we have become used to this summer but real, solid rain.

I was actually teaching Reiki to a new group of students all weekend and in some ways, being tucked up safely inside the log cabin while we learnt and worked together with the rain dropping and dripping onto us from the ash trees above, was the nicest possible place to be. It also meant that the earth here and of course the plants and trees got some of the moisture they so badly needed. I am hoping too that some of it went to increase the water level in our well so that there is some there for us to use.

Having our own well has made me much more careful with water than I was when we lived somewhere with mains water. I turn off the taps quickly, never leave a tap running when I wash or to clean my teeth. I use the economy, low water setting on the dish washer and washing machine and wash my car once in a blue moon. Ok the last one is because I am lazy and besides as soon as it’s washed it gets dusty or muddy again but it still counts. In the summer I am always extra careful and cautious as there is no way of telling how much water there is there. I find myself watching the water levels in the local rivers but have no idea how much of a guide this is.

What is does do though is connect me more deeply to the natural world and in particular the element of water. Having a well increases my awareness and gratitude for an aspect of nature that we seem to feel we have a right to take and use as we see fit.

The gratitude of there being water when I turn on the tap also manifests in my appreciation of the quality of the water I have access to. Even on the hottest day the water is still ice cold. It is always clear and clean and tastes like water should. It does not contain fluoride or anything else that man has deemed it right to add to drinking water. This means that I am more likely to choose to drink our water over and above anything that would be less healthy for me.

So although it looks as if summer has come to a premature end, there is part of me that welcomes the change in weather and the rain it has brought with it. I really am not sure what the weather will actually do today but if it rains then I for one will happy. I may even go and stand outside and give thanks for it.