Pagan Blog Project – Questions

imageAs far back as I can remember I asked questions about absolutely everything. I’m not sure I ever took anything at face value. As a child I must have annoyed the hell out of everyone but asking questions has stood me in good stead as I have grown older.

It is questions that help us to make sense of things, of what we are faced with, the world we live in, in fact just about everything and anything that is going on in our lives. By asking questions of both ourselves and others we not only find answers but gain insight and understanding.

Asking questions helps us to develop discernment and discernment is such an important skill for anyone to have but especially when we are on a spiritual path of any kind. A quick trawl through Facebook alone will show you how many different therapies are on offer, both to train in and to receive. Alongside this there are those that offer readings, channelled messages, healing, advice on diet, products to use, products to avoid and so on. I could go on and on here but I’m sure you get the message. If we do not ask questions and use our powers of discernment it is all too easy to get caught up in the whole of this, to feel that we should be doing everything that is on offer. Due to the powers of the internet we are exposed to far more than in the past and so the ability to ask questions is even more important now.

Questions are also important for anyone involved in shamanic work. In a journey where you are meeting beings in spirit it is still necessary to ask questions and not just accept any being that comes along, nor what is said. Asking yourself questions, asking beings in spirit questions, helps you take decisions and make choices in non ordinary reality the same as it does in ordinary reality. Discernment when working shamanically is such an important skill.

Questions are also a key component of dowsing. Without questions dowsing doesn’t work. It is questions that leads the dowser, helps them find answers. If the question is ambiguous or badly worded the answer obtained is unclear. The more effective the question, the more effective the dowsing.

As a therapist I am always asking questions when working with clients. It is questions that help me to ascertain my clients needs and therefore questions that drives the healing. Listening to a client’s questions is also an important skill for through these questions I can obtain greater insight into how my client is feeling. I also need to be sure when I am working, that what I am picking up belongs to the client and is not mine. How else to know if I don’t question it.

When looking for healing for myself I also need to ask questions. Again it is these questions that help me to uncover what I need to do to help myself. The more I ask, the more information I can gather about what I need and the more effective any healing is.

When I work with my guides I also ask questions of them. One of my first experiences when working with my guides was to ask them a question. In answer to this question I was given a name. This name made no sense to me so I investigated. I trawled through the internet asking questions, I found answers which lead me to books and yet more questions, which lead to other books, until eventually I had the answer to my initial question. I asked my guides then why they hadn’t just told me this in the first place. Their answer was that I wouldn’t have believed it if they had. This I know to be true, it was the exploration and finding the real answer myself that led to my understanding.

It is not the answers that I am given by others, or which I uncover when I ask questions that is important. It is how that answer resonates with me. If it makes sense and fits with what I believe or know then I am happy to accept it. If not then it will lead me to ask other questions until I have the answer that I need. My belief is that we should never accept the answer to a question just because someone says it is so, nor should we ever feel that it us unacceptable to be asking questions for it is these that lead to insight and understanding.

So ask questions, see where they lead you, let them lead you into areas you may not already have explored and above all have fun in doing so.