Taking Care of Me

I have no definite schedule for posting on my blog, just a loose intention to do so as often as possible or at least when I have something on my mind.

This past couple of weeks the thing that has been on my mind has been ….me

Following on from my work with fire and the unusual experience of having cystitis I was sent for an ultrasound as my abdomen was still tender. The ultrasound showed an ‘atypical’ area on one of my kidneys and next thing I knew I was scheduling a CT scan to look into this further.

The CT scan was arranged for the earliest possible date which was twelve days ahead. At first I was upset about the waiting around and period of not knowing but this was quickly followed but the realisation that the delay gave me the time to do what I could for myself and so it began.

The first step was to ask for those I work with or know via forums to send me Reiki, not for healing itself but to support the work I was going to be doing on myself. Any spare minute I placed my hands over the area of my kidney and/or my sacral chakra and allowed the healing energy to flow. I then moved on to calling in the energy I know as Chios and running this into my being alongside Reiki. As a master in each I have no qualms about running a mixture of energies and allowing each to work in the way that they need as well as using them north individually. During this time I began to experience the insight that whatever had shown up was not mine at all but belonged to a past life.

The second step then was to regress myself to the life that the ‘atypical’ area on my kidney belonged to. As I stepped into 1663 I was aware of myself in a fit male body dressed in a suit of jousting armour. Time moved on and I entered the joust only to find myself on the second pass, thrown from my horse, a lance sticking out of my left side and my body a broken bag of bones on the floor. I died there on the ground but not before I had moved out of my body, looked down on it and recognised what was happening. I re entered in time to feel my final breath leave me after which I found myself in a waiting area, discussing amongst other things, that which needed to be left behind in the life. Lifting my garment to show the wound in my left side it became clear that this had been missed previously. In the incarnation of my being in 1663 the person I had been showed great integrity by working with those present to ensure the wound was taken and locked up so that it could not be carried forward into the lives that followed.

Returning from the regression I understood that I had done as much as I could. That what needed or could be healed now, would be and all I could do was wait, continue to allow my body to heal, run the energies to support this healing and be patient. Checking myself with a pendulum confirmed this understanding.

On Monday I went for the CT scan, calm and relaxed, knowing that friends were supporting me and that I really had done all I could. During the scan the radiologist said that I might have been born with a ‘kink’ in my kidney. From what I now knew of one of my past lives this made sense.

Today I got the call I had been waiting for. The one that told me the wound had healed and there was no defect in my kidneys. I was ok.

I am now sitting here feeling so grateful for all that I experienced during this time, for the healing it has brought me and the friends that have supported me. Tomorrow really is a new day.