Connections – Rose Quartz


Sometimes the connection with any crystal or stone gets overlooked in the desire to find out the properties associated with it. When we are working with our connections and/or teachers the actual properties matter far less than the message that us there for us to receive and to work with.

This week from my bag of possible connections in the Web of Life,  I drew Rose Quartz. I bet a few of you reading this are already thinking of what you know about this crystal. Well leave that aside for now and if you have a piece of Rose Quartz pick it up, hold it, sit with it quietly, meditate on it, journey to its spirit and listen to what it has to tell you. If you don’t have a piece of Rose Quartz but would like to try, write the name on a piece of paper or card and do the same for the energy of it will still communicate with you.

This is what Rose Quartz said to me today…..

Be still, look inside your heart and listen to it beating. This was the first sound you ever heard and it is likely to be your last. Get to know the sound of your own heart and the rhythm it plays for this is unique to you. The better you know it, the better it can lead your dance through life.