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One aspect of my work that I always find fascinating is Past Life Regression Therapy.

While there are some first time incarnates here most of us have lived many lives before this one and we carry with us a surprising amount of skills and knowledge from these past lives, things we need to help us in this incarnation. We also carry with us a lot which we do not need, trace memories, fears, phobias, illnesses etc which are not ours at all and which need returning to the person they really belong to.

So how does Past Life Regression Therapy work?

Past Life Regression Therapy is, as you may have already realised, not just about exploring past lives out of interest although that can be part of it, but is really about helping us to heal or to understand where something has originated. This can happen in one session or may take many to uncover and reveal what is there, for us to be ready to know in other words.

It all begins with a little talking to set the scene as it were, find out what the problem is and what needs to be discovered or healed. With me this is then followed by a long lie down on a comfortable treatment table so that the person regressing can fully relax. Everything that follows is then really deep relaxation and self hypnosis, there is nothing that I or any other therapist could or would make someone do against their will, they are in control at all times. We then go exploring…..

So what kind of things brings someone to explore their past lives?

Sometimes it may be a feeling or emotion that makes no sense in this life time. The feeling or emotion may have been explored and it may in the end be impossible to attribute it to anything that has happened but that does not stop it affecting this life in any way. I have undergone past life regression myself in order to find and give back huge fear in connection with an aspect of my work, one that made no sense at all to me. By finding the life that it belonged to I was able to put the fear back in its proper context and this left me able to move on in my own life.

It may be a fascination with a period in history or a place someone feels a strong connection with accompanied by a feeling of having lived in that time or that place that draws someone to regression. It can be a completely overwhelming desire to find out more about.

For some it is an illness or problem that they instinctively know belongs, not to them, but to whoever they have been in the past, that needs uncovering. Finding the life this belongs to can bring really deep healing on many levels.

There may also be, in this lifetime, skills or abilities that just arrive, something for example that someone just finds themselves able to do. This can be puzzling and sometimes a little disconcerting but by exploring past lives it is possible to find where these have come from. This is not something that needs healing but we are inquisitive by nature and like to make sense of things.

There is then the whole issue of soul purpose, a need to find out why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing. In this instance regression to the life or lives before this one and the life between lives prior to incarnating here that are important. These can show up patterns or insights that when looked at afterwards can help to point the way to the soul purpose. Sometimes it is also possible to get clear messages or guidance.

I am sure that some of you reading this may have read articles or books about people who have spontaneous past life recall either in waking mode or dreamtime. Spontaneous recall can sometimes be fragmented and separation from what is remembered can be difficult. Past Life Regression Therapy can help to complete the picture and also help with the separation so recall can still happen but from a less emotional perspective.

This is of course just a snapshot of why we seek information about who we have been before this incarnation but fundamentally learning about and understanding who we have been can help us understand far more about who we are now.


2 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – Past Life Regression

  1. Thank you for posting this. I had never heard of regression therapy before and never made the connection that some of our abilities that seem to “appear” because they are connected with past lives. I know one of my past lives lived during the Victorian period and loooooved literature. In fact, its so strong the majority of the books I read were written during the Victorian or are history books on the Victorian. I find it the greatest moment in history, and I can’t explain why. You now have me wondering if my exercise induced asthma is not my own illness as well. I have never felt it was since I am a VERY active person. Interested in finding out if it belongs to someone else.

    • Look for someone near you who works with past lives if it feels right. I tend to find that when there is something that doesn’t belong to us on some level we actually know this. Whereabouts are you based?

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