Web of Life Connections – Adventure

For those of you working with ‘Web of Life’ or who are starting to search for and looking at ways to connect with your own teachers here is this week’s connection – Adventure.

Please remember that this is only my connection with this teacher within the web of life and the message here is what was given to me. Some of it may resonate with you, some of it not which is how it should be. You might like to sit for a few minutes, focus on this teacher and see what messages you are given.

As I sit with Adventure the first thing I get is an image of hang gliding, flying free over the hills. This isn’t the message though, it’s not a call to go and hang glide although that would be fun as it’s something I have never done but quite fancy. Instead the message is….

Stretch yourself, don’t sit back and be complacent. You will never know what you are capable of unless you try. Don’t be afraid of anything, just leap in and have a go no matter what others think or say.