Web of Life Connections – Tasting

So what has Tasting got to do with a connection in your life you might be wondering. Absolutely anything can be a connection and bring you a message that has meaning for you or gives you insight. Tasting might be woven into your web of life along with seeing, smelling, and hearing for example.

Anyway, when I sat with the bag of connection cards it was Tasting that leapt into my hand for this week so what can Tasting bring us?

Just sitting here writing this it has brought my attention to the last thing in my mouth which was a cup of fresh coffee. I have realised how, even though I only have one cup a day and make this my treat, I seldom stop to really enjoy the taste. So here I am now, savouring the sweet aftertaste of the coffee I have just drunk, the full flavour of which would have passed me by otherwise. It also makes me realise how often I do put things in my mouth, food and drink, ends of pens, pencils and paintbrushes, my fingers etc without really being aware of the taste of anything. Some of this comes from my being focused on other things of course, being distracted, some of it from familiarity.

Sitting with Tasting for the message for here this is what I got…

Enjoy the sensation of whatever you choose to place on your tongue. Savour it fully. Let tastes explode inside your mouth. Be fully in the moment and completely aware of what your taste buds are telling you’

Sitting here with the taste of a biscotti exploding in my mouth by focusing on what I am doing this feels like a ritual rather than mindless eating which I am now aware I have been guilty of.