It’s Raining!

imageToday it’s raining! I suppose those of you that have realised I live in Ireland are surprised that I’m even mentioning it as sure doesn’t it rain all the time here. Well actually no it doesn’t and for weeks it hasn’t. Ok, there has been rain but it’s very localised so a couple of kilometres away it may have done so, but here close to the coast, nothing.

The fact it is raining means many different things depending on who or what we are and what we are doing. For those in town organising a circus skills workshop as part of the summer festival it means reorganising and relocating indoors, for me it means sitting in the conservatory with a jumper over my T-shirt and shorts and the door closed, for the rivers, ducks, herons, fish and water creatures it means a higher water level, for my garden, all the plants desperate for a good drink and I’m sure my husband who has been out there regularly with the watering can, it means relief.

With the weather, just like everything else in our lives, both ourselves and everything else around us needs a balance. Too much of anything, even if it is something we love, creates problems, if not for us then for someone or something else.

So today, instead of complaining that it isn’t sunny or that it’s overcast and wet, I’m instead feeling gratitude that the plants and garden are getting what they need, that the tiny robin is so obviously enjoying playing in the rain and that our well is, hopefully, getting a bit of a top up.


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