Book Review – Dancing with Nemetona

imageIn my own practice I have no connection to Goddesses in any shape or form but sometimes it is just the words we use to describe our experiences that separates us. Which is why in Joanna’s writing, even though the way she works is unfamiliar to me, the importance she places on sacred space around us and within us, the need to create these for ourselves and how vital it is that we learn how to do so, resonates strongly.

In this easy to read book you will find guided meditations to help you connect to Nemetona, to find your own nemetona, learn to expand it and much more. Despite having no connection to the Goddess Nemetona I found the book an enjoyable and at times thought provoking read.

I particularly liked the appendix of others exploration of Nementona for they showed clearly what Joanna says in the book, that there is no right way to do this, no right way to meet or envisage Goddess, only the way that works for you.

This is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Druidry who feels drawn to the Goddess Nemetona or who would like to begin working with her and also for those looking for alternative ways of finding, or deepening the connection to their own sacred space.