Pagan Blog Project – New Tools

imageEarlier this week I went for a Shiatsu session and came home not just looser and freer, having let go of things I had been holding in my body and energy, but also with a new rattle. This was both totally unexpected and a delightful surprise.

As soon as the rattle was passed to me it felt as if it belonged and I knew immediately that it was going to be one that I will work with. How this will happen I don’t yet know for there are things I need to do and learn before I begin to use it in my work.

I know the rattle was dedicated by and for the person who gave it to me and so it need to cleanse the rattle before I do anything else. This is not because I believe there to be anything wrong with the energy of it, far from it, but because this separates out what has been, from whatever is to happen from here on in, as tools hold the energy and power of the person who works with them. For this reason too I need to begin to being to build my own energy and power with the rattle.

I also need to meet and get to know the spirit of the rattle. This will either involve me sitting with the rattle and connecting with it or journeying to meet its spirit. Quite probably the latter of these as I feel this is a tool which I will be using a lot. It is important then that I discover how the spirit of the rattle wishes to work with me, what it is able or prepared to do and what it cannot. In other words I need to spend time with the rattle and let it teach me and show me its purpose and capabilities.

I always love to get a new tool, not because I need a lot of tools in order to work, but for the fun of finding out all about them. The meeting of its spirit, the learning of its ways and then the opening up of our working relationship is a journey in itself and one that always brings pleasure and surprise. I am looking forward to our relationship unfolding.