Web of Life Connections – Bees

Sometimes I’m a bit slow on the uptake, I miss signs and messages even though they should be quite clear to me. This can happen to all of us whether we are used to working with the connections in the Web of Life or just starting out doing so.

So what have I been missing? Bees! They have been flying into the conservatory for days on end and I have been carefully picking them up with a tea towel and popping them back out the door to fly free. It was only today that I actually realised what I had been doing, not once, but over and over again. A clear reminder that if we don’t get the message the first time the Universe will keep on giving it to us until we do get it. Fortunately I realised before a bee had to sacrifice itself by stinging me so that I really paid attention.

Sitting with Bee the message I was given was this:

‘Don’t waste your energy going after what does not or cannot sustain you. Chase only that which will nourish you in whatever way you need at the time. To do that you must first decide what it is you need and then look around, seek whatever can provide that for you. Drink of this until you are sustained and then move on’


5 thoughts on “Web of Life Connections – Bees

  1. what I just read about the be made a lot of sense about some situations I have going on in my life now.so it must have been meant for me to read it at this time. Thank you. You are very insightful

  2. I wonder if this is why I have spiders all over the place! And my windows are full of spider WEBS…something I’ve not had before in this house… Once again, you’ve helped me pay attention!

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