Web of Life Connections

In the web of life we are connected to each and every thing that exists. If we learn how to work with these connections we can find those that may become our teachers and so bring us messages and give us guidance.

One way of discovering what is bringing you messages is to literally keep your eyes open.

This morning looking out of the window I saw a rabbit happily eating away at the grass at the end of our garden. Coming downstairs I picked up my cards which have some of my teachers written on them. Putting my hand into the bag I pulled one out and on it was written RABBIT. This is a sure sign that rabbit has a message today so sitting with rabbit I journeyed to meet its spirit (you can also meditate on it) and this is the message I was given…

‘Take is easy, there is no need to rush at everything. Sit, look around and make sure it is clear and safe before you leap into action. This will save you time in the long run but may also save you in many other ways’


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  1. Stop by from Pagan Blog Project. Sure hope your having a blessed day. The weave of life can protect us or tangle us up in life.
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