House Martins

imageHouse Martins are not really amongst my favourite birds, every year they swoop and dive around our garden spooking me with their antics whilst looking for the ideal place to build their nests.

Their favourite spot this year, the one they have set their sights on, seems to be on the front of my log cabin, the log cabin where I work, the log cabin where clients walk in and out of when they come to me for healing sessions. I keep spotting them flying up in the eaves on a thin beam of wood which unfortunately is over both my window and door 😦

As anyone who has had a bird’s nest near them knows they can be messy. I have visions of the birds going about their business and dropping unwanted presents onto my clients. Also baby birds have a nasty habit of falling out if nests and they would land right on the hard step leading into the cabin. Not good.

I am happy for the House Martins to build their nest at the back or even side of the cabin, but no, the west facing front seems to be their side of preference. Like all good house hunters they are coming back for a second, third and even fourth viewing it seems.

Trying to head the inevitable nest building off I have now fixed Tibetan Prayer Flags to the front of my cabin, as high up as I can reach with only steps and not a ladder, in the hope that the flapping of them will be a deterrent. Which it might well be, if only there was some wind.

This morning I came back into the bedroom to find one of the House Martins had decided to pay a proper house call. There it was on our windowsill, wings outstretched looking out into the garden. Naturally I decided this really was a step too far and carefully lifting it with the curtain popped it back outside and watched it fly off to find its mate.

I am now in a slight dilemma. If the flags and my vigilance are not enough of a deterrent what do I do? Do I leave them in peace to build their nest knowing to well the implications of this or do I try even harder to dissuade them from their choice of premises? The shaman in me who respects the tiny creatures and knows that I and they are interconnected would leave them be. The human ego part of me (who I am not conceited enough to deny exists) wants a clean entrance to the cabin and happy clients. It will be interesting to see which one wins.