Pagan Blog Project – Letting Go

imageI used to know someone who would go through their clothes and throw something out before buying anything new. One out: one in. I’m not that disciplined when it comes to clothes, or anything come to that, but clearing things out and letting go of what we no longer need is something that it is good to do from time to time in all aspects of our lives.

When we clear out our wardrobes and donate clothes to charity, clear off our bookshelves and take them to a car boot sale, when we go through Facebook or our phones and delete everyone who we no longer know or even recognise, when we do all of this we are letting go.

Letting go and having a clear out is refreshing, revitalising and reenergising. It makes space for us and lets us breathe again, it clears our energy and in doing so creates space for something new and often more beneficial, to come in for us.

Sometimes though it can be hard to know what it is that we need to let go of, what we really have finished with and so we hold onto things way beyond when we actually need them, just in case.

So how can we tell if something is finished with and if it’s safe to let it go?

The answer is that sometimes we can’t be certain but if it feels finished, if something is weighing you down, if you haven’t looked at it, picked it up or paid attention to it for some time then the chances are it is safe to let it go. If seeing a name on your phone makes your energy drop then let it go. If you no longer know who someone is then again let them go.

And don’t worry about letting go of something or someone you still need. If this is the case then it or they will come back to you in some way. After all how many times have you deleted someone from your phone only to have them call you the next day? Releasing someone or something can actually bring the very thing or person back to you so don’t be afraid.

So on an energetic level how do you release something?

A simple fire ceremony is a powerful way of doing this.

Sit with a pen and paper and write down all that you wish to release, to let go of in your life. You can write each thing on a separate slip of paper or use one large sheet.
When you have written down everything that feels right to let go of take a few minutes, breathe in, relax then read through the list again and make sure it still feels ok.
Make any changes that you need to.
In a safe place outside build a small fire. Read through your list out loud intending to let go of all that is there
Light the fire
Drop the paper into the fire and wait until it is all burnt and you are left with ashes.
Know that all that you wish to let go of has been taken by the fire and transformed

If this is not possible to do this outside then you can use a small fireproof pot or an open fire indoors but do make sure that it is safe.