imageWhen I began my blog I had so many ideas running round my head but now a few months in I’ve realised how much life gets in the way of blogging. Life sometimes just leaps out and stops us – or me anyway.


So here I am, back from holiday just under two weeks and fully recovered (I hope) from the severe reaction I had to my anti malaria tablets, a reaction which wiped out a whole week of my life due to the fog that filled my mind and stopped me functioning. In that week I experienced a total disconnection from all around me. I didn’t care about anything at all nor did I want to do anything. Fortunately I didn’t have any clients booked in which made life easier as I certainly wasn’t in any state to work on anyone else or even myself come to that. I don’t think I have ever felt quite so disconnected before but I’m blaming the antihistamine for this rather than myself.


As someone who rarely stops completely and never totally tunes out, last week has shown me that nothing happens when I do. The world keeps turning, things still move on, no one misses my involvement in it all, things do not fall apart. Nothing like discovering this to put me in my place lol. It is though a good lesson for me. I can stop, take time out, withdraw from it all and when I reconnect it is all still there waiting for me. The world doesn’t need me to be in the go 24/7 or even a fraction of this.

Now will I remember this? Only time will tell but I’m going to try ….for now at least.


2 thoughts on “Disconnecting

  1. So true! I also tend to be busy and life seems full of things that urgently need my attention. A severe ‘flu last autumn kept me in bed for a week, and as you say, the world got on just fine without me! It’s a good lesson to bear in mind. : )

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