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imageIt’s strange isn’t it, or maybe not, that because because I am a healer I think I should always know what to do when the person with the need for healing is me.

I think somewhere wired into my brain is the ‘physician heal thyself’ mentality and so I always feel that I should be able to do just that. But of course, like all of us my skills are limited, especially when it comes to healing myself.

Many is the time I have struggled with a problem when anyone else would have asked for help. Actually this may also be because I am stubborn and independent but that’s a whole other story!

The most obvious time for this was when I had a frozen shoulder. Ok so I did eventually go for physiotherapy and was good about doing the exercises I was given but alongside this, to avoid dire warnings about hospital and having it manipulated under surgery if it didn’t start to free up, I worked away on myself with Reiki. Reiki is amazing but when you are really in need it is often much more effective to have someone work on you, someone that can be the clear channel that it is hard to be when you are the one suffering, and someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in the outcome. I know this yet I turned down my own Reiki Master’s help with a ‘I’ll see how it goes and get back to you if I need to’. Only my husbands response made me pick the phone up again and call back. What a good job it was that I did too, as there was a tear in my energy field and all the energy I was frantically putting in was just floating off out again. Could I have healed this myself. Probably yes, now that is but at the time, no! I had neither the knowledge nor the skill to do so.

Over the years I have got better at knowing when to reach out for help although I can still, all too often, be found trying to deal with something myself first which can mean that by the time I do the problem is more intrenched than it need have been.

Recently I had a bad sinus infection which affected my balance, left me with severely low energy and almost stopped me flying without it being painful or possibly dangerous. I worked on myself until it became clear that this was not enough and I knew to ask for help from others who work with energy, friends, students, online contacts, and healing circles around the world. Of course I also took the conventional root of seeking help from my doctor along side this. Right at the last minute before I flew, in my seeking help I found shiatsu was exactly what I needed. I left after a session of shiatsu with more energy and a clearer head than I had had for weeks and the headaches I had been having vanished.

Sometimes knowing what to do and what is right happens quickly. The answer may be obvious or you may have a therapist who you know deals well with ‘x’ or ‘y’. At others it can be more complex and the knowing what to do can, as with my sinus infection, can mean a lot of trying things out to see what works….this time.

Knowing what to do, needs to be the result of trial and error for there is no ‘one size fits all’ with healing. Sometimes you are lucky and get it right first time, at others there are lessons to be learnt along the way, and one of these is the knowledge that healing doesn’t always happen immediately. Sometimes several approaches are needed to strip away what is there and allow the real deep healing to take place. At other times you can get lucky and get right to the source first time but an awareness that this is not always so is healthy to have.

As a therapist working with others I often mix techniques to suit my clients needs. In the same way, for my own healing I do the same and I would include conventional medicine in this. It is not always right, nor is it necessary but to dismiss it any more than you would dismiss any form of energy healing or body work is, in my opinion, short sighted. What is important is to know what is available so that you can make an educated choice and so that knowing what to do comes from a place that is informed.

I have just returned from holiday and have had a reaction to the anti malaria tablets I was taking. No messing here, I was straight to the doctors, change of tablets and antihistamine to help my body cope. To do otherwise would have been foolish, but now I have these I am reaching out for help from others to help my immune system strengthen. I am taking turmeric (anti inflammatory), drinking green tea and ginger (good antioxidants) plus taking vitamin c and a b complex which are also thought to help with an allergic reaction to medication. I know there are herbs I could add to this but at present am stopping there so I don’t confuse things or create a further reaction. Knowing what to do can sometimes mean knowing when to stop too.

So, knowing what to do can mean a whole range of things, the important thing is being able to seek help, gain knowledge of what is there and then choosing what feels right rather than struggling on in silence. There is a whole world out there which is happy to help and I for one recognise how lucky I am to have such a wonderful network to call on in times of need. It really is worth cultivating your own.



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  1. I regularly find that using Reiki on myself is not effective, however others find that I am very effective with them. I did not think about my own energy field being “damaged.” I, too, think i should have “all” the answers, yet I never expect anyone else to have them all! Two things I need to look at again! At least two for now…

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