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imageI have never ever kept a diary and when I was first required to keep a journal during my Reiki Masters training I fought against it tooth and nail. In the end I worked with loose sheets of paper in a ring file for that way nothing was permanent and I could, if I wanted to, remove and throw away anything that I decided not to keep. This resistance to journaling continued for a long time……until I began to see the benefits of keeping a journal.

The first thing I realised is that journals are not diaries. They are not a record of everything that you have done, instead, for me anyway, they are a place to write about anything that seems important at the time. This might be thoughts or ideas, something that I have noticed happening, messages from or conversations with my guides, a card I have drawn from a pack, a line of a song that keeps popping into my head, in other words anything that I feel I want to jot down.

All of this then provides me with a snapshot of where I am at any particular time. It gives me something to look back on and see how far I have come when it feels as if nothing is happening. It gives me some way of seeing patterns that are occurring and which need acknowledging or healing. It gives me a way of making connections between things that happen at various times and for me it also gives me a way of making sense of my life for all too often it can be months or years after something happening that I get the eureka moment where it all clicks into place. At times like this it is so useful to be able to trace back and see where it all started and what has happened in between.

I have journals that contain my own thoughts, ones that are work with my guides and also journals that are linked to what is happening while I am studying something or on a course. For me these need to be separate as that way I can find things quickly and know what they are connected with. It is easier this way for me to see the bigger picture.

I no longer have loose leaf files, I have progressed to something a bit more permanent now. I still don’t have expensive leather covered journals but use whatever is on offer as I get through them so quickly, and for me it is what is inside them that is important, not what they look like.


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  1. I haven’t kept a journal in a long time. I blogged on and off for years, but it’s not really the same thing. Keeping a record of your thoughts in a journal is such a useful thing, though, I ought to start again.

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