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imageOne thing that many of the world’s cultures and belief systems have in common is the understanding that threads and connections link not only human to human but to every living thing.

Wiccans, Shaman, Buddhist, Native American, South American, quantum physicists, ecopsychologists and more besides all agree that we are part of a gigantic web of life, the only difference really are the words they use to describe it.

Some talk about everything that exists being alive and having a spirit, some about all things on earth having a common bond, some about everything being connected and being part of a vibrating circle of energy and others about particles, containing dancing strings sending out vibrations or notes. Different words but a common understanding.

Whatever way we look at it we are interconnected in a deep and fundamental way and it should be impossible for us ever to think of ourselves as separate from anything else that exists.

Ecopsychology which is the science of healing with nature, encourages us to recognise that we are part of a huge web of life and so part of the balance of life. Only by being aware of the Interconnectedness of all and the specific connections that develop as we move though life can we find balance in our lives.

If we can learn to speak with, listen to and learn from reality, in doing so we can move through life with a clearer understanding of the Interconnectedness of everything and of how to harness some of these connections to help and support us.


3 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project – Interconnectedness

  1. I’ve been getting lots of spider totem lately, so your post stood out to me. I think people generally tend to focus too much on separating into what’s “proper” for certain groups and individuals, rather than truly recognizing this very basic truth. So long as we separate and categorize, there will be a sad lack of true power.

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