Pagan Blog Project – Hummingbird

imageThe Andean shaman of South America have gifted to the world a series of nine shamanic rites known as the Munay Ki. In these rites Hummingbird holds the energy of the Ancient Ones. In doing so it helps us remember ancient ways and is said to represent the courage required to embark on the epic journey which eventually leads us back to source.

I met first Hummingbird as a small child in London where I would stand fascinated outside a shop that had some in captivity. Although I wanted them to be free I could still be left for hours still and silent as I watched these tiny birds hovering and feeding in front of me. I have met them since, not in captivity fortunately but where they should be, in the wilds in America and Peru and am no less fascinated by them than I was as a child.

When I received the nine rites of the Munay Ki I then met Hummingbird once more, but this time on a more personal level. During the Harmony Rite of the Munay Ki, archetypal animals are placed into each of the chakras or energy centres. Hummingbird is placed into the solar plexus. Afterward, for a minimum of two weeks each, the archetypes are fed with fire so that the person receiving them can get to know the archetype and receive guidance and messages from them.

It was as I worked with Hummingbird here that it first showed me strands or fibres that connected me with every other living thing. As I watched I could see what looked like optic fibres of green light flowing from me and to me. I saw how I easily I could reach out and touch each and every one of these fibres and in doing so could bring to life the connection with whatever or whenever was at the other end. I realised in this moment that if we knew how, then we could access anything that we wished to, just by reaching out to the right connection. I also realised that these strands surround us all the time and that we walk through them every minute of every day without being aware of it. Simple, but at the same time, mind blowing.

I always know when Hummingbird is always close to me for I feel restless, unsettled or dissatisfied with where I am and what I am doing. For me the way I feel reflects the continual motion of the Hummingbird’s wings as it fights to stay in the air, to hover to feed and to fly. Hummingbird then acts as a signal for me to look at what I might need to change or shift. The fact that Hummingbird isn’t built for flight also reminds me that what looks as if it should be impossible isn’t always so and from this I draw courage.

Hummingbird has brought me some of my greatest insights including the realisation of how much energy I expand trying to stay where I am when I resist moving forward, something I do all too often. Now when Hummingbird is around I always try and listen so that I don’t waste more energy than I need to.

One of the many messages that I have received from Hummingbird is this:

‘Listen to me now and stop trying to fly backwards for that never works in your best interest. Relax, let go and allow the energy that you have built up to drive you forwards.
It is never a good idea to stay in one place too long, to get comfortable or complacent and although sometimes it may seem that you are not ready to move on, just trust that this is the right thing to do.

When you attempt to hold on to the past, which is what you do when you resist the forward impetus, then you only delay the inevitable, you do not avoid it and never can.

Accept, release, and find the beauty and joy in what is ahead’.