Pagan Blog Project – Grounding


One of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your health is to learn how to ground both yourself and your energy. Basically grounding is just a physical way of connecting yourself to the energy of the earth.

On a purely practical level, grounding yourself helps you to cope with the day to day practicalities of life which can be hard to do if you are spaced out or living in your head all the time. By grounding yourself it can help to still your mind and find that quiet space where your thoughts are no longer in charge of you, or as my tai chi instructor says ‘quieten the monkey brain’. This then can help you to find clarity or to be more focused.

Research is now showing that grounding can have very real and tangible health benefits due to the electrons in the Earth. These can help to support your immune system, detox the body, help with circulation and with bio rhythms. Grounding can also speed healing, improve sleep patterns and lower stress. There also a whole grounding movement now called Earthing which encourages people to use Earthing mats to ground themselves all the time including when they are asleep, so great are the benefits thought to be.

Whenever you are travelling and visiting other places it is good to ground yourself on arrival and in doing so connect with the energy of the place you are staying in. This can help to counteract jet lag and avoid altitude sickness.

Grounding at home also helps you to be more connected to the land and the spirits of the land where you are.

When you ground yourself you connect with the energy of the Earth, an energy which feeds, nurtures and nourishes our physical bodies. Without this energy our bodies can easily become sick and tired. Grounding helps to balance us. This is especially necessary to be aware of if you are working with energy such as Reiki where you connect and channel energy through your crown. This energy feeds your upper chakras or energy centres; crown, third eye and throat and unless you are grounding and feeding the lower chakras; solar plexus, sacral and root, it is very easy to get out of balance and become sick.

If you are working either with energy or shamanically then it is always best to ground yourself before starting to work. With energy work this helps to keep you in balance as you channel energy. With shamanic work this also helps to keep you in contact with your physical body, very important if you are journeying so you know where to come back to. Also once you are grounded you can then start to build your energy and become power full. You can also re ground and thus rebalance yourself when you finish working.

Once grounded if at any time you feel you are holding excess energy or energy that doesn’t belong to you, then you can give it to the Earth so that it may be transformed and used by the Earth.

So, how do you ground yourself?

The easiest way is to walk bare foot upon the Earth. With your bare feet in contact with the surface of the Earth whether it be soil, grass or sand it is easy to feel the close contact and to breathe in the energy through the soles of your feet, drawing this energy deep within you. The more time you can spend walking barefoot on the Earth the better it is for your well being.

If you would like to know more ways to ground yourself and work with Earth energy there are several ways that you can use on my website which you are welcome to try out for yourself.