The Gift of Healing

Yesterday whilst sat in our conservatory I heard a bang. Now from past experience I know that this is one of two things, either a twig falling onto the roof or a bird flying into the glass. Today sadly it was a tiny female chaffinch that misjudged her flight path. No matter how many things we hang, how much we try to make it clear that something is there, sometimes this does sadly happen.

When I looked out of the side windows, there she was, wings spread wide, head on the ground and body slightly twisted. At first I thought she was dead but then I noticed her breathing, shallowly at first then more and more rapidly.

As a shamanic and energy healer one of the things I need to do frequently is decide or seek guidance on which tool is required for the work in hand. This time it was no different but the first step was to seek permission. Connecting quickly with the tiny bird I heard her clearly asking for help and in that moment knew what was needed was for me to channel the energy known as Reiki.

I connected with and drew in the energy then allowed it a clear path through me into my hands. Then sitting on the windowsill inside so not to cause her any more stress I beamed the energy towards her. At first the energy ran as pure white light that formed a ball around her tiny body then gradually after some time it changed to a soft golden light before blue and green light also flowed to her. Oh so slowly I saw her inch her wings closer to her body and then as time passed she began to lift her head off the ground the smallest amount. It was now that I knew she would recover rather than use the energy to support her passing. I continued to send and she continued to recover. Each tiny movement of her head lifted my heart. The energy now was flowing as red and orange light and still she accepted it. Eventually with both of her wings now folded in, she lifted her head and straightened her body. Knowing now that she had all she needed and that the best I could do for her was to wish her well and leave her to rest this is what I did.

A few minutes later when I went outside to get in the washing, from the far side of the garden I could see her tiny body still resting on the ground, but by the time I went back inside she had gone.

This is not the first time I have helped an animal in distress. Sometimes they come and find me, or wait for me to arrive and ask for help, at other times like today I am there when I see something happen. At all times though I feel very blessed to be able to help. There is such joy in seeing an animal or bird recover and move away to get on with their lives and even when this doesn’t happen there is peace in knowing I have helped ease a transition.

Also for me there is the great privilege in being able to be so close to and able to observe those who are usually moving too quickly or are too far away. Yesterday as I sat sending I was able to observe closely the colour, pattern and shape of the feathers on her wings, the soft downy feathers on her breast and the sharpness of her beak. To sit so closely and quietly observe while channelling healing energy has got the be one of the greatest gifts that there is.