Pagan Blog Project – Flower Essences

imageFlower Essences are always so gentle and beautiful to work with. How could they not be when they are made from the life force of the flowers of plants?

The first time I made flower essences myself I was amazed at how, once a plant had been identified to work with through using the doctrine of signatures, the flowers would ‘volunteer’ to be used either through shining a bit brighter than the others, a slight movement to catch your attention or some other means. I was also humbled to watch the flowers floating on the surface of spring water in the sunshine, gradually giving their life force so that the mother tincture could be made.

I don’t make all my essences though but rather use the Australian Bush Flower Essences which are constantly being replenished and updated by their creator, a 5th generation Australian naturopath, Ian White. I love that these essences are still evolving, still adjusting themselves to meet our ever changing needs and that when Ian replenishes the mother tinctures if the healing properties of the new tincture have changed this also changes all tinctures already made from the plant, anywhere in the world.

When I work with essences I have many ways of selecting a mix that suits the current need. I can dowse with a pendulum, I can read descriptions of the essences and their properties, I can use numerology, I can see which essences leap into my mind or which call me, or I can journey and see what I am guided to use. As long as the essences are all working for the same purpose I can combine any number together if that is best.

Essences are taken, a few drops under the tongue, two or more times a day. They work almost behind the scenes, gently, discretely, stripping away, clearing and healing, vibrating throughout our energy body to do so. Clients often go home with some so that their healing can be supported when they leave me.

When I am working hands on with clients, I can use an appropriate essence on my own hands which I can weave through their energy field or place on the area of the body in need. If while I am working I find the name of an essence or the image of a flower come into my mind I can connect with the energy of the particular essence and energetically bring it into the healing, to work in whatever way is needed.

The other day though I was reading in the OM Times, about a fascinating new approach to working with flower essences which is through sound using the sound frequency associated with each flower. The full article can be read here

This though is not really a new form of working with plants as Amazonian Shaman have always used Icaros which are the songs given to them by the plants, to connect with the plants and use them in their healing. It is new for those of us in the west though and certainly as a way of working with flower essences.

Even having the energy of Flower Essences present in a room though can be healing and the number if uses for them is endless. Flexible, gentle, sensitive, effective and wonderful to work with they are a very useful tool to have around.